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Operating Budget: How to Keep Tabs on Your Company and Motivate Your Staff

Like all other businesses, translation and localization companies should design, compile and use budgets not only to plan and record their revenues and costs but also to forecast profits, identify problems and opportunities as they arise and make timely adjustments to maintain financial stability. Join us in a hands-on session where Roberto Ganzerli will share his company's budget model and show how we use budgeting to involve our staff in achieving company goals and motivate them to work in teams.

Roberto Ganzerli

Arancho Doc
Via G. Rivani 83
Bologna 40138

Roberto Ganzerli has been in the translation and localization industry for over 30 years. He started as a translator in 1983 and founded Arancho in 1993. Mr. Ganzerli was president of Arancho until 2011, when the company merged with IcDoc to become Arancho Doc. Back in 2003, Mr. Ganzerli was one of the initiators of the European Language Industry Association (Elia), and Arancho was one of its founding members. He was the first Elia president and led the association for the first five years. Mr. Ganzerli is now the CEO of Arancho Doc, an EN 15038-certified translation and localization company with offices in Italy, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.