Wednesday, May 21, 2014 • 10:15am – 11:15am

Breakout Session

Big Data in Translations

Alain Chamsi

JiveFusion Technologies Inc.

Big Data has become an international obsession. But what is it really, and what are its ramifications for businesses in the translation world? It is important to recognize that most if not all translation businesses rely a great deal on data, be it through translation memories, glossaries, automated translation systems, or any other number of input sources. But no translation business is able to leverage all the relevant data that is out there, all at once. The world of Big Data has introduced concepts of "data warehousing" and "data cleansing," key concepts in assembling the data that comes from numerous sources and in ensuring its overall quality. This has enormous potential for translation businesses from both a cost reduction and a quality perspective.

This session will introduce the concepts related to Big Data and show how these can be applied to the translation industry.


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Alain Chamsi is the CEO of JiveFusion Technologies Inc., a Canadian company that specializes in computer-aided translation (CAT) solutions. Alain holds a bachelor of computer engineering degree and has gained vast experience in software development and management over more than 21 years in the telecommunications industry. He transitioned to the language industry by taking on the role of office director at one of Canada’s largest Language Services Companies, and his current position at the helm of JiveFusion Technologies utilizes both his language industry and software development experience. From 2006 to 2011, Alain chaired the board of directors of AILIA, Canada’s Language Industry Association. In 2011, his article “Selecting enterprise project management software: More than just a build-or-buy decision?” was published in Translation and Localization Project Management: The Art of the Possible (Keiran J. Dunne, Elena S. Dunne). Recently, Alain has been working with Apption Corporation, a company that specializes in data analytics.