Tuesday, May 20, 2014 • 1:30pm – 2:30pm


Breakout Session

Annual Updates: CCHI & ASTM

Kathleen K. Diamond, M.A.

Kathleen Diamond & Company

Susan Amarino

Liaison Multilingual Services, Inc.

Bill Rivers, Ph.D.

Joint National Committee for Languages National Council for Language and International Studies

The presentation will highlight the achievements of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and ASTM F43 Language Services and Products. The latter will focus on the subcommittee of interest to ALC members, which is F43.05 Quality Assurance in Language Services. These reports are value added to ALC members, as ALC is a leader in supporting both initiatives of certification and standards for our industry.

Kathleen Diamond will take the lead with CCHI and then be joined by her colleagues from ASTM—Bill Rivers, chair of ASTM F43, and Susan Amarino, subcommittee chair of F43.05 Quality Assurance in Language Services.


Diamond, Kathleen.jpg

Kathleen Diamond is a consultant, entrepreneur, and business leader in the language services industry. In 1979, she founded Language Learning Enterprises, Inc. (LLE®), a full-service language company based in Washington, D.C. Over the next 30 years, under her leadership, the company grew from a sole proprietorship to a dynamic, multi-million dollar corporation serving a wide range of private and public-sector clients across the United States and worldwide. In 2009, Kathleen negotiated the sale of LLE to CyraCom International, a Language Services Company in Tucson, Ariz.

Today, Kathleen continues her work advocating for the importance and relevance of language services as commissioner, vice-chair for outreach on the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI), chair of the Task Force on Standards for ALC, and membership secretary of ASTM F43 Language Services and Products. Her consultancy focuses on helping companies grow by increasing value, maximizing resources, diversifying revenue streams, and building a strong succession plan.

She earned her M.A. and B.A. from the University of Florida and is an alumna of IES Abroad, Nantes, France. She is fluent in both Spanish and French.

Amarino, Susan.jpg

After graduating from the University of New Mexico and traveling with “Up With People,” Susan Amarino has worked for more than 20 years in the language services arena. Owning and operating Liaison Multilingual Services, Inc. affords her the opportunities to professionally serve clients and increase business proficiency. With many years of experience participating in the ASTM process, Susan offers sound advice and an educated hypothesis for ASTM’s future endeavors. As a subcommittee chairman for F43.05, Susan continues to demonstrate the leadership skills that are imperative for creating a performance standard. This new standard will lay the foundation for a greater appreciation of language services and establish a more prestigious position for Language Service Companies at the table of global commerce.

River, Bill.jpg

Dr. Bill Rivers is the executive director of the Joint National Committee for Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (JNCL-NCLIS). He has 20 years of experience in culture and language for economic development and national security, with expertise in research, assessment, program evaluation, and policy development and advocacy. He chairs ASTM’s Technical Committee F43 (Language Services and Products) and the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 232 (Training in the Informal Sector).

Before joining JNCL-NCLIS, Bill served as chief scientist at Integrated Training Solutions, Inc., a small business in Arlington, Virginia, where he focused on strategic planning, management, and advanced technologies for language and culture programs in the public sector. While at ITS, he served in a contractor role as the chief linguist of the National Language Service Corps.