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Monday, May 19 • 8:45 - 10:15 am


The Art and Science of Successful Negotiations

Richard Coughlan

University of Richmond

We know a great deal about what separates successful negotiators from average performers. In this highly interactive session, attendees will learn new approaches to negotiations, raising the likelihood of successful outcomes. Drawing from relevant research in psychology and decision-making, these insights can be applied to formal and informal negotiations that occur in a variety of settings. Attendees will depart with several lessons that can be applied immediately, including how to gain power before negotiating; how to identify the true interests of other parties; how to frame justifications for your positions; and when to make a concession and when to walk away. The fast-paced talk covers actions taken by successful negotiators before, during, and after negotiations.



Richard Coughlan earned an MBA and Ph.D. in decision-making at the University of Arizona and is a former sales manager for the Pebble Beach Resorts. For the last 15 years as a member of the management faculty at the University of Richmond, he has taught courses on negotiations, decision-making, and organizational behavior to audiences ranging from undergraduates to senior executives. In 2004, he received the university’s Distinguished Educator Award. His views on business appear regularly in national media outlets, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, BusinessWeek, FastCompany, and National Public Radio. His corporate clients include CarMax, Leo Burnett, DuPont, and the Federal Reserve Bank.