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Gamification–Getting the Most Out of Your Staff and Improving Your Company’s Performance

Gamification is the process of using mechanics, rules, and designs from games and applying them in a business setting. A sales contest naturally lends itself to gamification. This session will show language companies how to gamify their sales contests, and even their sales processes. Learn about models for sales contest gamification that can be incorporated into your business to reshape sales behaviors, incentivize the sales team, and drive revenue goals.

Legends Ballroom A–C


Steve Chu

Treehouse Strategy and Communications
White Plains, NY

Steve Chu has more than 20 years of diversified experience in general management, sales, marketing, and operations. After spending more than a decade in the translation industry managing Asia operations, U.S. operations, technology, product development, and marketing, Steve saw an unfilled demand in the translation and localization industry for management and technology consulting services. He founded Treehouse Strategy in 2010, with the specific goal of meeting that demand by providing strategic planning, management consulting, and technology advisory services to translation and localization companies. Through Treehouse Strategy, Steve and his associate, as well as their partners, have helped translation companies develop their sales strategies and operation plans and implement business and technology solutions.