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The ALC State of the Industry

In this panel session you will get an overview of the most important industry trends and technology trends as well as an update on industry standards affecting your business.

Legends Ballroom A–C

Bob Donaldson, Carson Strategy Group

Christopher S. Carter, aLanguageBank

Kathleen Diamond, Kathleen Diamond & Co.


Moderator: Bob Donaldson

Globalization Strategy Consultant
Carson Strategy Group
Austin, TX

Bob Donaldson is a sought after speaker and well-known strategic consultant in language technology tools and language service business models. Founder and principal of Carson Strategy Group, he serves LSC clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia as well as end buyers of translation and localization services.  He previously served as chief technology strategist for text&form and as vice president of strategy at McElroy Translation. He has over 25 years of experience in creative technology application, including executive management positions at a number of software companies.

Christopher S. Carter

Managing Director
New York, NY

Chris has been obsessively studying languages and linguistics since he was 12 years old. After graduating from the College of William and Mary, where he studied both linguistics and theatre, Chris was a union stage manager for grand opera for several years. Returning to his passion–languages–he has been in the language services industry for over 10 years. Chris is currently the managing director at aLanguageBank, a multilingual content development agency in New York City. He is currently on the board of directors as the secretary of the ALC. During and after college, he also formally studied anthropology, psychology, sociology, and gamification. When not running aLanguageBank, Chris writes for trade magazines; speaks at language-, content-, and UX-related conferences; and reads several hundred articles a month about technology, economics, psychology, sociology, and–of course– languages.

Kathleen Diamond

Kathleen Diamond & Co.
Winchester, VA

Kathleen Diamond is a consultant, entrepreneur, and business leader in the language services industry. In 1979, she founded Language Learning Enterprises, Inc. (LLE®), a full-service language company based in Washington, D.C. Over the next 30 years, under her leadership, the company grew from a sole proprietorship to a dynamic, multi-million-dollar corporation serving a wide range of private and public-sector clients across the United States and worldwide. In 2009, Kathleen negotiated the sale of LLE to CyraCom International, a Language Services Company in Tucson, Ariz. 

Today, Kathleen continues her work advocating for the importance and relevance of language services as a director on the ALC board of directors, a commissioner and vice-chair on the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI), and membership secretary of ASTM F43–Language Services and Products. Her consultancy focuses on helping companies grow by increasing value, maximizing resources, diversifying revenue streams, and building a strong succession plan. She earned her M.A. and B.A. from the University of Florida and is an alumna of IES Abroad, Nantes, France. She is fluent in both Spanish and French.