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Accelerated Paths for the Professional Development of Community Interpreters

The recent influx of immigrants and refugees into smaller American cities has made it challenging not only to offer conventional social services, but also to build a network of qualified interpreters for a large number of foreign languages. The typical route of training new interpreters may be too slow in achieving levels of professional competence to satisfy the demand for interpretation services. Multimodal Competencies in Bilingual Proficiency (MCBP) is a customized approach by the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute to address specific aspects of language development whose strengths and linkages to bilingual literacy become the catalyst for an accelerated path in dual-language interpretation. This session will examine the building blocks of MCBP and offer examples of three discrete levels of methodology and curricula application that have led to solid foundations for the effective practice of community interpretation.

Music Row 5

Cesar Muedas

Cesar Muedas

Director of Interpretation and Translation Services
Tennessee Foreign Language Institute
Nashville, TN

Cesar Muedas is a native of Peru who moved to the United States in 1986 and became a U.S. citizen in 2004. He joined the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI: as a translation project manager in 2012 and was promoted to director of interpretation and translation services in 2014. After receiving his Ph.D. in chemistry from Yale University, Cesar worked in that field for a number of years before moving into consulting, sales, training and development, and project management. He also holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University. Cesar has extensive professional experience as an interpreter and translator (Spanish/English, English/Spanish); he also speaks German and French.