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Breakout Session: How to Avoid Extravagant Fees on International Payments: Case Studies by 1-Stop Translation and Sandberg Translation Partners

Don Shin
1-Stop Translation

Jesper Sandberg
Sandberg Translation Partners

Making and receiving international payments is simply part of running the business for most language service companies. Whether receiving inbound payments from international clients or making outbound payments to freelancers or vendors abroad, the fees and exchange rate costs associated with each transaction eat into your profit margin. When using banks, PayPal, Moneybookers, or any other alternative payment method, one or both parties will end up having to shoulder these costs in order to complete the transaction. While the costs vary by institution, the key is in finding the right balance that, in the end, will accumulate the lowest costs all around.

In this presentation, Don Shin from 1-Stop Translation and Jesper Sandberg from Sandberg Translation Partners will each present a case study from their own companies of how they first came across this issue, the journey they took in finding the right solution, and how implementing their solutions helped improve their bottom line.