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Breakout Session: How to Avoid the Most Costly Mistakes in the Translation Industry

Michael R. Cárdenas
Local Concept

Michael Cárdenas will discuss mistakes that he's both observed and committed in the localization industry in the past 28 years and how to avoid them. He will cover 1) how to recognize when the project is going into disaster mode (and how to save it); 2) making sure you have the best tools and technology; 3) developing the best localization teams; and 4) the importance of policies and procedures. Michael will uncover the secrets to avoiding the traps, pitfalls, quicksand, falling anvils, and other hazards that can befall a localizer. All this, and you'll learn how to operate the coffeemaker too!

Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn from past mistakes made by LSCs, clients, and vendors, as well as hear solutions to the blunders. This session will equip attendees to go forward with an arsenal full of tips and tricks that will help them navigate the winding path of localization.