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Breakout Session: Annual Updates: CCHI & ASTM

Kathleen K. Diamond, M.A.
Kathleen Diamond & Company

Susan Amarino
Liaison Multilingual Services, Inc.

Bill Rivers, Ph.D.
Joint National Committee for Languages National Council for Language and International Studies

The presentation will highlight the achievements of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and ASTM F43 Language Services and Products. The latter will focus on the subcommittee of interest to ALC members, which is F43.05 Quality Assurance in Language Services. These reports are value added to ALC members, as ALC is a leader in supporting both initiatives of certification and standards for our industry.

Kathleen Diamond will take the lead with CCHI and then be joined by her colleagues from ASTM—Bill Rivers, chair of ASTM F43, and Susan Amarino, subcommittee chair of F43.05 Quality Assurance in Language Services.